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Dress Up Lolirock Test (5%) by SaraSapphire89 Dress Up Lolirock Test (5%) :iconsarasapphire89:SaraSapphire89 267 189 Princess Kira of Nebularis by Ginagurl123 Princess Kira of Nebularis :iconginagurl123:Ginagurl123 38 17 Kira's Magic Circles by Ginagurl123 Kira's Magic Circles :iconginagurl123:Ginagurl123 58 11 Magical Energy by Ginagurl123 Magical Energy :iconginagurl123:Ginagurl123 33 3 Lena Magic Circles by Ginagurl123 Lena Magic Circles :iconginagurl123:Ginagurl123 25 5 Good and Bad by Ginagurl123 Good and Bad :iconginagurl123:Ginagurl123 35 9 Lolirock screenshot - Crystal Purifica!! by Ginagurl123 Lolirock screenshot - Crystal Purifica!! :iconginagurl123:Ginagurl123 48 6 LoliRock OC: Estelle, Princess of Crystellia by Andy-Dorinka LoliRock OC: Estelle, Princess of Crystellia :iconandy-dorinka:Andy-Dorinka 81 76 Art Trade with AshianaAquaris: Ashia in lolirock by JaroOrionStryker Art Trade with AshianaAquaris: Ashia in lolirock :iconjaroorionstryker:JaroOrionStryker 79 28 Lyne (LoliRock) by LyneAnarethy Lyne (LoliRock) :iconlyneanarethy:LyneAnarethy 59 8 Sora(Irida): LoliRock by Irida19 Sora(Irida): LoliRock :iconirida19:Irida19 50 5 Sailor Sedna by RavenclawGirl29 Sailor Sedna :iconravenclawgirl29:RavenclawGirl29 29 3 Sailor Eris by RavenclawGirl29 Sailor Eris :iconravenclawgirl29:RavenclawGirl29 14 7 Faces of Pluto by RavenclawGirl29 Faces of Pluto :iconravenclawgirl29:RavenclawGirl29 15 9 Faces of Uranus by RavenclawGirl29 Faces of Uranus :iconravenclawgirl29:RavenclawGirl29 60 8 Faces of Neptune by RavenclawGirl29 Faces of Neptune :iconravenclawgirl29:RavenclawGirl29 61 7



Happy belated holidays and happy new years to all my followers!
Unfortunately my computer is still broken.
Well I just heard that Trump won the US election. Damn, I have never been so glad to be Canadian!
To all my US friends you have my support during this nightmare.
Why is my ASOIAF favourites gallery suddenly showing up here on the front page with the date October 12,2016? I wasn't even on Deviant Art that day!
World War Cat
 Lucky is not happy to find an intruder in her domain.
Sorry guys but requests are indefinitely closed for the time being, since my computer chose now to start dying a slow death on me.
Seriously, it's nuts. In addition to freezing every ten minutes(except on a "good" day where it'll work for maybe an hour or two before having multiple conniption fits) it some times just stops or goes dark for a few minutes, it's started randomly signing me out of stuff like my deviant-art and email accounts, suddenly resetting things I'm looking at(like my reading list on the Let's Play Archive) at random, not saving things I'm working on, and just today I swear I heard popping noises coming from it when I turned it on.
So in short I'm not going to be doing anything until I get a new laptop, which might be awhile-like a couple of months.
I will start doing requests again as soon as I have a new laptop(and I'll let you know when that happens) so for now please don't ask for a request, because chances are it won't get done for awhile.  
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Ginagurl123 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the fav! 😘
TechnologyGirlFan Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Can you do a pic of Princess Mercury & Lord Zoisite for me from the Silver Millennium?
P.S. I'll be taking requests too.
TohruSempai Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016
Actually I was planning on doing a picture of all the senshi/shinntou pairings from the silver millennium anyway but it might not be for awhile. My laptop died and all I'm left with now is a glitchy tablet.
TechnologyGirlFan Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Please comment on my Sailor Moon works, Sailor Mercury & Zoisite are my favorite pairing, so cute!
unicornsmile Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016  Professional Artist
Could you please do princess samria from shimmer and shine with heronie fanart creator please ? i have her picture right here…
TohruSempai Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2016
Sure but can you wait?
My computer needs to be replaced, badly. It keeps freezing or just stopping altogether literally every 10 minutes or, so I can't do much with it right now but I promise I'll get back to do doing requests as soon as I get a new computer.
unicornsmile Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2016  Professional Artist
Ok, thank you.
unicornsmile Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2016  Professional Artist
Could you do princess rosella in her wedding dress from barbie as the island princess with heroine fan art creator please ?
TohruSempai Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2016
I can but it may be awhile. My computer is in dire need of being replaced and I wasn't going to do any more requests until I get a new one(as I already mentioned in this journal entry:…).
IndigoFantasia Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016
Hi! ^^ Thanks for the fave! :-)
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